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What is Nutrition?

Today, nutritionists have a wide knowledge of the role of nutrients in health and disease. We know that people need many different nutrients if they are to maintain health and reduce the risk of diet-related diseases. The amount of each nutrient needed is called the nutritional requirement. These vary for different nutrients between individuals.

Each nutrient has a particular function in the body and some nutrients are needed in larger quantities than others. For example protein is needed in gram (g) quantities. Vitamin C is needed in milligram (mg) quantities (1/1000 gram) and Vitamin B12 is needed in rnicrogram (pg) quantities (1/1000000 grain). Individual requirements of each nutrient are related to a person's age, sex, level of physical activity and state of health. Also some people absorb or utilize nutrients more efficiently than others and so will have lower than average nutritional requirements.

Dr. Geritano can personalize food plans and has nutritional software that helps treat your specific complaints. The patient is given a thorough questionnaire to fill out . The questionnaire encompasses specific ailments from all the major organ groups. Your answers are then entered into the software and a report is put together with specific recommendations exclusively for you.