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Office Hours

Effective July 1, 2020

Monday: Closed
Tuesday:  11 am-6pm
Wednesday: 11 am - 7pm
                   Thursday: Closed                                  (Massage with Laura Available by appointment only)

Friday 9 am - 2pm
Saturday 9am-1pm


Ion Foot Cleanse is now available. Detox your whole body in 30 minutes. It helps restore sleep, improve energy and elimate brain fog.


We are not accepting new patients till October 2021



12928 South LaGrange Road

Palos Park, IL 60464



Our Next Thermography
Screening is:


Tuesday October 5, 2021

from 3-6pm



Reflexology with Treesha

Available on Saturdays and Mondays by appointment only


Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Welcome to the Complete Wellness Center, S.C. where healing begins. I would personally like to thank you for selecting our website. I hope you will find our site informative. Whether you are seeking relief from chronic pain, or the result of an auto accident or other health concern we can help. Chiropractic adjustments help reduce painful nerve pressure and irritation. Our country’s healthcare crisis of prescribing medications to chase symptoms has cost us billions of dollars in unnecessary tests and procedures. The science of chiropractic believes that the body does the healing and our care helps assist in reducing the nerve and vascular pressure that causes that irritation.  I strongly believe that chiropractic can help you.  By following my recommendations, correction of your health problems will be made in as few well planned appointments as necessary. My mission is to treat each patient on  an individual basis. My treatments encompass  the emotional , physical and chemical expects of your complaint. I strongly believe in  Chiropractic and all of its principals. Chiropractic allows you to detect and correct the root of  an individuals problem, by doing this you allow the body to begin to heal itself. My number one goal is to help you  achieve and maintain your healthcare goals. Getting you back to 100% is my priority. Taking care of your spine is very important to your entire nervous system without a properly functioning nervous system your body will  not be able to work effectively and that’s when illness sets in. Chiropractic care will help maintain that optimal level of wellness that you are looking to obtain or achieve.