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Beth Buckley Master of Medical Qigong (MMQ)


Medical Qigong is a holistic health care system that identifies the root causes of disease and uses energy to facilitate healing. The Medical Qigong practitioner, identifies areas of imbalance in the physical and energetic body.  Once identified the practitioner will work to correct these imbalances.  Treatments typically last about an hour long.  Client remains fully clothed and lies on the table, as the practitioner works around them.  As qi is moved through the body, the client can expect to feel twitching, tingling, warmth or even emotional shifting.  These treatments are rejuvenating and facilitate balance. No one treatment is the same as the next, each client is treated as individual and treated as such.  The treatment plan is based on how the individual’s energy is presenting at the time of each treatment.



No one gets through life without some experience of trauma.  We all have some experiences in our life that we have held on to longer than is healthy.  My passion is to help people move past these experiences, not let themselves be defined by them in a limiting way.  I help my clients, who include children and adults, to find peace in the everyday chaos of their lives.

After completing her Medical Qigong Practitioner certification in 2014, Beth began interning with a Doctor of Medical Qigong and has continued to do so for over 3 years, as she continues her education.  She has completed her Therapist and Master level certifications and has served as a teacher’s assistant, coaching and tutoring students in the Medical Qigong certification program.  She has worked with many different client issues, including but not limited to cancer patients, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, pre and post-operative care, miscarriages, tinnitus, physical pain and overall stress management.  She believes that qigong is a beautiful way of balancing our mind, body and soul and strives to live her life in a purposeful way.
“Let the beauty we love, be what we do.” Rumi’


Medical Qigong practitioner 2014
Medical Qigong Therapist 2016
Medical Qigong Master 2018
Reiki 1 & 2 2017
NLP 2018